Hampshire and Isle of Wight NHS Turning the Tide stands in solidarity with Ukraine

We feel deeply saddened to see the round the clock news in recent days following the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. This is an extremely sad time for many communities around the world, and we stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for those currently living in Ukraine, and for Ukrainian nationals outside their home country witnessing these sad events. We realise this is an especially distressing time for colleagues and our local communities – who will also be affected by this news. Our thoughts are with all of you.

We will be supporting our staff through our Health and Wellbeing portal. Our organisations are also being as flexible as possible in roster planning to enable colleagues to have time to stay in touch and support their families in Ukraine, providing additional IT support to stay in touch with families and paying for calls to Ukraine, or elsewhere, if our people find they are needing to make additional calls due to this crisis.

Anyone who wishes to support with donations can find out more through national charities such as Unicef and British Red Cross.

This period will be an anxious time for many, and we want to remind you all to be respectful, kind and compassionate to each other at all times. Hampshire and Isle of Wight NHS family are incredibly strong and supportive, and now we must come together to look out for our colleagues, patients and visitors.

Regardless of your own personal beliefs and opinions, it’s important that we do our best to look after ourselves and those around us, and to keep those who are affected – both at home and away – in our thoughts.

Further support can be found here https://www.augb.co.uk/