Local NHS keeping Covid patients fighting fit at home

The service is proving hugely popular, with patients reporting how it gives them peace of mind and reassurance while they are ill. 

Patients are being asked to record their own oxygen levels using the pulse oximeter three times a day, along with taking their temperature and recording their level of breathlessness. This data is then reviewed by the patient’s local health care team who can assess the individual’s symptoms and take action if needed – it allows them to keep a close eye on their patients and spot potential problems early, without the patient having to leave home. 

There are currently more than 400 patients across north Hampshire who have taken part in the scheme and it is now being rolled out across the rest of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. 

The feedback from those taking part in the scheme has been hugely positive and 100% of those using the pulse oximeters who completed the survey said they found the monitoring helpful.

Some of the feedback received as part of the survey included:

“A really good service. When I was really poorly I felt very reassured you were there. Thank you so much.” 

“Wonderful service when needed a great help and would like to thank everyone involved with my health whist struggling with coronavirus.” 

“I think this service is very good, it’s very efficient and it helps give peace of mind when you’re feeling so unwell thank you.” 

“Excellent service which helped me with my mental health and kept a daily register of my progress. Always somebody keeping an eye on it and questions answered immediately. Very good service, helpful to know of any after care help.” 

Dr Caroline O’Keeffe a GP in North Hampshire said:

“The Covid Oximetry at Home scheme ensures that those coping with Covid in their own homes are able to monitor their own oxygen levels using a pulse oximeter, a small device which goes on the end of your finger. Unfortunately, the Covid virus can cause the level of oxygen in the blood to fall quite quickly, which has the potential to be very dangerous, so by equipping people with a pulse oximeter, patients and their doctors can safety monitor oxygen levels and respond when necessary. I am really pleased with the feedback we have had from those taking part in the Oximetry at Home scheme and I hope we can continue to give patients the care they need at home without having to be admitted to hospital.”

The Covid Oximetry project is part of the larger county wide scheme to ensure patients suffering with the virus are able to be comfortable at home rather than having to be admitted to hospital. Further information about the programme is available here: https://wessexahsn.org.uk/programmes/49/covid-oximetry.