Possible delay in non-essential blood testing

There is currently an international shortage of blood bottles used for taking samples and clinicians working in Primary Care, Hospitals, Community, Mental health and Ambulance Trusts have been asked to suspend non-essential blood tests. 

NHS England have provided the following guidance "In order to preserve supplies for people that urgently need blood tests, the NHS has been advised to reduce the number of non-clinically urgent tests as well as to delay routine tests where it is safe to do so. 

Our clinicians and managers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are working together to be more efficient. We will ensure we don't waste blood bottles and that we don't duplicate tests which have already been done. We are being thoughtful about which tests are ordered and prioritising those tests which will have an immediate impact on the diagnosis or treatment. 

Our reception teams are working very hard with clinicians to prioritise our blood tests and we appreciate your patience whilst we put in place systems to manage this difficulty safely. 

Dr Nicola Decker, Clinical Lead at Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG and a GP in Hampshire said: “We would like to reassure all our patients that this disruption in supply will not affect any essential blood tests and any tests that are delayed will be rescheduled as soon as possible. 

“We are working closely with NHS England to follow their guidance and we will continue to provide you with updates regarding this. Thank you for your support."