Frequently asked questions 

The NHS in Hampshire and Isle of Wight is continuing to vaccinate patients against coronavirus during the largest immunisation programme in history. 

Below are responses to our frequently asked questions.

The Covid Vax Facts website also features some of the most common queries around the COVID-19 vaccination, with answers and guidance from doctors and scientists. Visit to find out more.
Who is currently being offered the vaccine and how will I be invited?
How will I be invited for my vaccine?
When it is the right time people will be contacted to make their appointments. For most people they will receive a letter either from their GP or the national booking system; this will include all the information they need, including their NHS number. Some services are currently also phoning and texting patients to invite them in.

If you are in one of the eligible groups and haven’t received your vaccine yet, it isn’t too late to come forward. You can now book your vaccination appointment at, or by calling 119. If you prefer, you can also wait to be contacted by a local GP-led service. 

Across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, eligible residents are being invited to have the vaccination in one of the following ways:

  • Using a local GP service: GP practices are working together to vaccinate as many people as possible. Residents may be contacted by a different surgery to the one they usually go to.

  • Local hospital services: Patients may be contacted to have the vaccination as an inpatient or outpatient.

  • At a vaccination centre: There are four large scale vaccination centres across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight:
    - Basingstoke Fire Station
    - St James's Hospital, Milton, Portsmouth
    - The Riverside Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight
    - Oakley Road, Millbrook, Southampton

    If an eligible person lives within 45 minutes of a vaccination centre and hasn’t already been received the vaccine, they may receive a letter asking them to book an appointment at a vaccination centre through the national booking service at or by calling 119. Alternatively they can wait to be contacted by their GP

  • At a local pharmacy: Some pharmacies are providing the vaccination on an appointment basis. Individuals can choose to book an appointment at a pharmacy once they have received their invitation letter 
Find out more about how you will be contacted on the NHS website.
Queries about your vaccine appointment and guidance after vaccination
How can I make changes to my appointment?
If you have a vaccination appointment booked and need to change it, you will need to contact the team you booked the appointment through. This could be your GP practice team if you booked your appointment through your practice. If you are booked into a vaccination centre you will need to contact the national booking service by managing your appointment online or calling 119 if you can’t get online. Through the online service you can view and cancel your appointments.
Questions about the vaccines currently in use, including vaccine safety and ingredients
Is the NHS confident the vaccines are safe?
Yes. The NHS will not offer any Covid-19 vaccinations to the public until independent experts have signed off that it is safe to do so.  

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the official UK regulator, have said that both of these vaccines have good safety profiles and offer a high level of protection, and we have full confidence in their expert judgement and processes.

As with any medicine, vaccines are highly regulated products.

There are checks at every stage in the development and manufacturing process, and continued monitoring once it has been authorised and is being used in the wider population. The NHS website has more information about safety of the vaccine.
COVID-19 testing
Where can I get a rapid lateral flow test for COVID-19?

Free, rapid lateral flow tests are now available to all with people encouraged to take regular tests. Lateral flow tests can be ordered online here or by calling 119 free of charge between 7am and 11pm daily. The tests are available to people who: 

  • do not have COVID-19 symptoms
  • are aged 11 or older
  • have not been told to self-isolate
  • cannot get tests from their work, school, college or university 

Residents can also find out where in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight they can get lateral flow tests here

If testing at home, individuals will need to register their results online  or by calling 119. They should self-isolate if positive and order a confirmatory PCR test

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately self-isolate along with everyone they live with and book a test online or by calling 119, and not leave home until they receive their test results, except to post a test kit or for a PCR appointment.

I would like to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme
I am a business or community venue owner and would like to offer my venue to support the vaccination programme, who should I contact?
Thank you to everyone across our communities for your offers of support for the COVID-19 vaccination programme. It has been wonderful to see local communities pulling together to help the NHS.

If you have already contacted us your offer will be passed to our planning team, along with your contact details, and they will be in touch should they require any more information from you. We are receiving a large number of offers of help and support, and the team will not be able to respond to each offer individually.

If you have a new enquiry please share with our communications team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will pass on to the local team for your area. Thanks again for your support.