RESTORE2™ official

RESTORE2TM is a physical deterioration and escalation tool for care/nursing homes.

It is designed to support homes and health professionals to:
  • Recognise when a resident may be deteriorating or at risk of physical deterioration
  • Act appropriately according to the resident’s care plan to protect and manage the resident
  • Obtain a complete set of physical observations to inform escalation and conversations with health professionals
  • Speak with the most appropriate health professional in a timely way to get the right support
  • Provide a concise escalation history to health professionals to support their professional decision making.
RESTORE2 is trademarked to NHS West Hampshire CCG to protect the standardisation of the tool. NHS West Hampshire CCG do not charge for the use of RESTORE2, or make money from any element of the tool. RESTORE2 is free to use to all health and care settings, providing no alterations are made.
Guidance from the CQC, DHSC, NHSE and PHE (31/7/20) includes reference to RESTORE2TM in their Admission and care of residents in a care home during COVID-19.The guidance states that the NHS will be supporting care home professionals to use well evaluated tools such as RESTORE2TM and NEWS2, accompanied by support and access to specific equipment such as pulse oximeters, which can also help determine whether a resident is unwell and as a way of monitoring residents with symptoms.

The British Geriatrics Society have recommended the use of RESTORE2TM in their “COVID-19: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes” (BGS 25/3/2020) which states: “If taking vital signs, care homes should use the RESTORE2TM tool…” …”to recognise deterioration in residents, measure vital signs and communicate concerns to healthcare professionals.”

Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme have recommended that NEWS2, as used in tools such as RESTORE2TM , is adapted and then adopted as a means to capture baseline and soft signs of acute deterioration in physical health for people with learning disabilities by:• Involving people with learning disabilities, their families and professional organisations. • Disseminating for use across acute, primary and community settings. 2019 Annual report of the English Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) programme (LeDeR 16/7/20)The report can also be downloaded from the resources zone on this webpage.

"The tool gives me the confidence to speak to others about my concerns."
Care Home Worker

RESTORE2TM makes National Early Warning Scores (NEWS2) accessible to care and nursing homes through the use of soft signs of deterioration. It includes a communication and escalation protocol developed with GP’s, ambulance providers and deterioration experts specifically for care/nursing homes to support them to raise concerns and a structured communication tool (SBARD) to ensure residents get the support they need.

RESTORE2TM can be downloaded and printed in colour (A4 – 6 sheets). You can also print additional NEWS2 charts from this document .

RESTORE2TM can be ordered from NHS Creative using code CS49286 (A4 CMTK 120gsm bond paper, trim, fold twice, drill 2 holes)
£0.11p per copy for 20,000
£0.14p per copy for 10,000
£0.16p per copy for 5,000

The use of RESTORE2TM is encouraged, however users must acknowledge and comply with the following:
  • RESTORE2TM uses NEWS2 reproduced from the Royal College of Physicians. National Early Warning Score (NEWS) 2: Standardising the assessment of acute illness severity in the NHS. Updated report of a working party. London: RCP, 2017.
  • The NEWS2 charts must be reproduced in full colour and high resolution only.
  • RESTORE2TM and its components must not be modified/amended in any way.
  • RESTORE2TM is trademarked and copyright West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group 2019