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Nourish RESTORE2TM Entry Approved
Safe Steps (HIM) RESTORE2TM mini Standard Approved
SIDQAM (Direcht) RESTORE2TM Standard Approved


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Statement from NHS West Hampshire CCG and Wessex AHSN: Digitalising RESTORE2TM and RESTORE2TM mini

We understand that a number of organisations across the country are exploring the creation of digital versions of the nationally recognised RESTORE2TM tool. This has been brought to the forefront of consciousness in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of the virus within care/nursing homes and the speed at which solutions need to be developed to support this vital area of healthcare.

NHS West Hampshire CCG is keen to work with developers to ensure that all care/nursing homes have access to a digital version of RESTORE2TM and RESTORE2TM mini as quickly as possible. When considering this it is important to recognise RESTORE2TM has been trademarked by NHS West Hampshire CCG in order to ensure consistency across discrete implementations. This consistency applies to both the look and feel of the tool as well as the clinical pathways that will be impacted by a transition to a digital platform.

NHS West Hampshire CCG, with the help of Wessex AHSN, has developed a Market Specification for both RESTORE2TM and RESTORE2TM mini. This Market Specification will enable organisations to develop digital solutions that remain familiar for those using the existing RESTORE2TM tool and RESTORE2TM mini tools across the UK, whilst ensuring the clinical safety of patient pathways after the transition to a digital platform. Through establishing this specification, it is anticipated that care providers will adopt digital versions of the RESTORE2TM tool more rapidly due to the assurance it provides.

Organisations should not progress their own independent adaptations of the RESTORE2TM tool without the express permission of NHS West Hampshire CCG. If you have any queries, please direct them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (West Hampshire CCG).

RESTORE2TM LOGO -  RESTORE2-TM-Logo-2019-300dpi-1536×328-1  (The RESTORE2TM logo is available as an SVG file on request)

RESTORE2TM MARKET SPECIFICATION -  document RESTORE2 Market Spec v1 0 FINAL2020 (315 KB)

RESTORE2TM ENTRY LEVEL PATHWAYS - pdf RESTORE2 Logic Pathways Entry Level June2020 (427 KB)

RESTORE2TM STANDARD PATHWAYS -  pdf RESTORE2 Logic Pathways Standard June2020 (475 KB)