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More information about local NHS services and self care is available below:
Staying well at home
Many everyday illnesses and injuries such as colds, sore throats, sprains and strains, diarrhoea and sickness bugs can be treated at home. The NHS website provides lots of advice on conditions, symptoms, treating illnesses and injuries as well as when to seek further support. Visit the health A – Z section at

Treating illness and injuries at home
Keeping essential medicines at home, such as painkillers, upset stomach relievers, antihistamines, plasters and bandages will help you be prepared to look after yourself and your loved if you do need to treat any injury or illness. The NHS website has a really useful guide to what to keep in your medicine and first aid kit at home. Remember to keep any medicine in a safe place and well out of the reach of children and check medicines regularly to make sure they are within their use by dates.